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A Titus Man

A Titus Man is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Our primary focus is under privilege and at risk youth males ages 8-18. America’s young people need our help to avoid the affects of violence, gangs, drugs and absentee parents and/or guardians. One of the most alarming aspects of America’s education predicament is that in many states, fewer than 50 percent of young black males graduate from high school.

Among the reasons cited by education experts are first, black boys lack positive black male role models, and second, they don’t feel that the school curriculum is relevant to them. Too many of our boys and young men are not receiving the guidance they need to graduate from high school, go to college, and become responsible adults. The statistics on the high school dropout rate, obesity and violence among our youth are staggering.

Each Day in America

A Titus Man - Each Day in America

Over 7,000 students dropout of school leaving about 70 percent of students who graduate from high school with a regular diploma. Two thousand high schools in the U.S. produce more than half of all dropouts and a recent study suggest that 50 largest cities, only 53 percent of students graduate on time. Research shows that poor and minority children attend these so called “dropout factories” the 2,000 schools that produce more than 50 percent of our nation’s dropouts at significantly higher rates.

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Co-op Training Programs

A Titus Man - Co-op Training Programs

Our Co-Op programs are for youth males ages 16-18. It is designed to give young men an opportunity to learn a trade skill. We have partnered with local businesses that would help our youth zero in on an internship for the trade skill-set of their choice. This prepares them to enter the field of their choice through our bridge programs with our partners. Students must have passing grades, in school and be in good standings on the high school level.

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Health and Fitness

A Titus Man - Health & Fitness

Childhood Obesity is at an all time high. It is a major problem in this country and getting worse. One-third of our children have an elevated risk of serious health problems because of their weight. Our nation’s leading experts agree that we must change our schools and communities to help children eat healthier and get more exercise.  We encourage parents to join us in our effort by eating healthier, and commit to walking, jogging, or cycling one day a week with your child.

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Our Mission

A Titus Man

A Titus Man mission is to assist in the growth and development of youth males ages 8-18. Our programs teach them how to stay out of the prison system, graduate from high school and become healthy thriving individuals in our communities.  With a focus on education and building for the betterment of our communities, we expect through our mentoring, training, study groups and team building projects “A Titus Man” will evolve.

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